Who is the best version of you?

When you go through your whole life 
and are referred to as stupid and ugly 
it propels your essence into a tailspin 
of EPIC proportions, similar to a Beowulf 
perilous tale.  There are humans 
that have been placed on this earth 
to do NOTHING but decimate. 

Philosophies of prosperity 
occur when resolution speaks 
and decides to allow a spirit
to simply be -- relinquish the torture 
which shackles in attempt to preserve 
a prisoner in their dark and dismal 
oubliette. Vulnerable cores require
protection until they are able 
to maintain with their own strength. 

So cliché to state that inspiration 
surrounds us through the pitch moments
of life, prior to illumination. Pain is relative
however; can be forcibly moved to the left
of a path to perpetuate a clearing that within
it with hold the key. The key to not only 
humanity but also comprehension 
of why? 

The biggest W of all! 

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