not anymore!

the simplicity in life is absent 
unless of course one considers 
the environment that surrounds us 
bitter decay travels through a plethora of domains
cores that once burst with sorrow 
now feel pure joy within personal evolution 
emotions of anger preceded the auditory experience 
of certain tunes, old ghosts hum the main vox line 
every bit of grief transforms to annoyance 

annoyance of a situation 
which grasps the throat with a dark scaly hand
with a saber; the survivor’s grasp tightens 
as one slash across the throat 
commits the intruder to drop to the floor

no more claw marks will ensue 
on a human who refuses to reside
in the domain of shadows 

illumination is necessary 
through moments of darkness
verity exists – it must thrive
to prove against falsehoods 
brought forth by memories 
that refuse to cease 

no melody will shackle these appendages 
music is transformative however, nothing 
should ever house that level of control
over another human being 

broken tunes 
or shattered perspective? 

you can decide 
for yourself 

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