Historical picture window!

Trigger Warning * 

The issue of SUICIDE as it stands 
is one that is familiar to my psyche 
a subject that fights against 
self annihilation 

Demons howl inside of a spirit 
that fights every single day

Wars are waged 
inside of vessel 
that was not built 
for battle 

Yet, the resiliency 
of human beings 
needs to be acknowledged

The level of black thorns 
that twist around the essence
of my spirit – desires 
to asphyxiate the wild fire
aura that breeds within my body 

Self determination 
of self termination 
houses within itself 
a defiance to rage 
of anything that will guard life 

Shattered picture windows 
a broken half life 
listless glass puzzle pieces 
all of a florescent pink tiled floor 
to place of the shards back together 
will require bandages and rubbing 
alcohol -- for lacerated fingertips 
that wear scars as a badge of honour
in order to complete a very difficult 
cryptex with soldered pieces to create

riddled with not only broken moments 
but; also a little bit of joy 

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