Kleenex: One Ugly Box By Emma Conner

One of my favourite things to do is to showcase artistic talent, the minute I heard Emma Conner read her poem “Kleenex: One Ugly Box” I was beyond moved to ask if I could publish this incredible piece on CCIQ Press. Lucky for me, she said yes! I appreciate “Kleenex: One Ugly Box” so much, Emma literally takes the subject of a simple box of Kleenex and humanises it, in a fashion of someone who offers comfort throughout life’s awkward emotional moments. To house an imagination is extremely powerful; the gift of metamorphosis and appreciation is one that everyone needs to hold steadfast to. Where some would see a box of tissues; my hope is that you remember the elegance expressed within Emma’s curated words. Keep an eye out for any forthcoming books by Emma; I can assure you they will be KILLER – and I do not just say that about any writer. I only post pieces I relish – and this one I ADORE so much! I want MORE Em! 💙

Rania M M Watts, EIC CCIQ Press

Kleenex: One Ugly Box By Emma Conner

Is there anything more unattractive than a box of Kleenex sitting,
                        plainly seen, next to the books or spider     
                        plants or photographs
But still
It is necessary 
To catch the peach pit
And wipe the juice from your lover’s lips
To offer the suffering a briefest relief
To start the fire and wipe the soot
To clear glasses in careful hands so the old might see
To stop snotty, young, children from running in disgrace
To clear the damp, condensation from the misplaced glass on the family heirloom
To pack the last-minute jewels before the trip in careful consideration
For the movies and the songs that catch your heart off guard
The dirt from where and when you’re, not sure
The spent dental floss
The hair from the comb
The tooth that was lost
The remainders of a body slowly expiring
The pain and the joy that escapes from us
	Sitting within reach of our greedy, inconsolable hands, 
					an ugly box captures it all.

Emma Conner is a graduate from Trent University with a degree in Anthropology and Gender Studies. She has been working in the non-profit sector supporting her community for over ten years. Specializing in volunteer management, communications and community development within a feminist setting, Emma aims to make an impact with her work. She is a passionate advocate for advancing the rights of women and all oppressed peoples. In other parts of her life she’s an aspiring writer of fiction and poetry, a very amateur photographer and usually has music playing. 

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