i am a big fat nobody
      anything that i do 
             is constantly 

     i deserve a happy ending 
          as much as anyone 
           am i destined to live 
        in a world where i am exclusively 
           an indentured servant 
     my step monster 
         constantly undermines 
              my presence 

       even now
          i scrub all the soot 
        from each corner 
       of the fireplace 
   until there are no renders 
      the dark corners remain 
         stains on my spirit 

    there is nothing left 
        for me here – i must adhere
my copy of utopia and flee somewhere
    i would have a better chance 
         away from this place 
              than i would at home 

        i choose myself 
              & my freedom 

       there is potential 
            in my core 
                  houses endless

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