Alien Autopsy!

In the early 90’s 
    there was a plan
         set in motion 
    to convince 
         the world 
      of the existence
         of aliens 

   A hoax to confuse 
        the entirety 
            of the universe 

    Can you imagine?
  who would come up
     with such a woven tale
           of deceit on a realistic level 

    What exactly comes to mind
 when one contemplates 
   something that would change 
      the manner in which 
           the world’s lens 
               can be adjusted 

         To a view 
    that is not so obviously 
      explored throughout society 

     This person may not have known 
back then, the true impact this would have globally 
    I wonder how they feel about what they created 
         25 years later? 

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