Which bait do you prefer; wiggly worms or stardust?

A very close kindred
named Archimedes
has an affinity
for water
not being able
to properly breathe
unless in the presence

of H2O bodies

I’m not unfamiliar
with that emotion
as I am paralyzed
except when near the air

Let me clarify
not air near the earth
but inside of the mesmerizing
strata where birds can freely fly

a constant open
dialogue which pertains
to the natural elements
in our core

I genuinely adore
the water
but if there was a way
to fish the indigo black sky

I’d  appreciate
a mystical endeavor
as to put a star on my hook
allow the line to float
until tought

perhaps with a portion
of the milky way
to truly illuminate
our true selves coated
with our intimate
stardust fundamentals

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