this lamb will not follow others to slaughter!

popularity is dangerous 
       people grab whatever scraps 
             they can find 

               it's tragic really 
      that level of popularity 
 does not solidify the true essence 
       some see popularity 
            as a stepping stone 
                 not exactly knight 
      in shining armor material 

           some genuinely want to be an ally 
     with every fiber of their being 
 for the greater truth 
     popularity is inconsequential 

intent reveals the benefit 
   if they are noble or similar 
       to that of a sea slug which floats 
  on a lily pad sized island of swamp scum 

   value of worth is found inside intention 
      it speaks more than people realize 
 my yoda explained the interconnectivity 
     of the universe we are not as unpurposed 
        as some may contemplate 

        our provided innate gifts have the capacity 
  for evolution -- if the propelled sense 
 of entitlement were given a direct trajectory 

       one human being can start 
    a wave based on a universal collective intent 
wonderful things can occur 

          if ego is completely taken out of the equation 
   in lieu for the genuine greater good of man 
 the potential one human can start to awaken 

   which means if one houses the proclivity 
every human being can as well -- imagine 
   if you will numerous individual tidal waves 
    of NOTHING but pure JOY 
 fashioned equity 
     & equality exist 

          where aid once again becomes 
     noble -- there does not have to be:
    Indigenous genocide 
       evil incarnate with purpose 
            to maim and not tenderly 
       tend to -- why -- there is no good reason 
is peace possible? leave the ego at the door 
        it's where it belongs 
      especially if organic differences 
          are to seriously be made

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