euthyphro’s dilemma

 i genuinely relish
            the exploration
                     of moral
     or theological  
           steeped in unique
                 beliefs — everyone houses
                        a different thought process
            not everyman will appreciate
       the asymmetry life offers
                individuals desperately require  
       to become their bona fide self
regardless of what course
        of philosophy or ecclesiastes
             they desire to pursue
      as long as no harm
                         is brought
                            why does it matter?
          to be truly pious
                  outside of religion
                            falls under the category
                  of understanding
                        appropriate comprehension
              of other’s convictions
     and simply respect them
         our race of 7.8 billion individuals
                 according to worldometer
                           flourishes each dawn & dusk
                    even now, as i type and click
             the individual letters
                                and syntax
                             to form sentences
                       i’m aware of the diversity
                  offered globally — in awe
              of what it really means
         to be good!

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