One of those moods….

*content warning

obviously throughout human history
literature has been written about individuals
ripping hearts right from one’s chest

rhythmic thump, thumps
as this organ beats in the hands
of the predator — the prize
one human core

predator, trophy in palm
takes a giant bite
the left ventricle now occupies
teeth marks where muscle
used to exist – I wonder
if anyone has attempted
to steal their own heart
as a way to mitigate
core pain?

discussions postulate
this entity does nothing
for the human body
all connectors are in the mind
neural pathways
house the reason
for comprehension

if that were true why are hearts
reprised with valor – it’s to ensure
society has something to believe
in – drink from a poisoned well
that impacts a cerebellum
which no longer wishes
to belong on this tangible earthly plain

if we could take our own hearts
and crush them – what would the outcome
provide? every single answer
that requires a response
will diminish with a burnt
flame – serendipity
exits stage left

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