bittersweet, sweets

comfort is a quality
we find during different
times in our lives
comfort is a quality
we discover throughout
different scenes
in our lives
do you have a special
confection in mind
when you feel — well
just plain depressed?
one delight that is yearned
for during moments
of isolation
and self doubt…
perhaps a giant chewy

sweetart that really

packs a punch
of iridescent
sunlight in a heart
that only emits
lindor truffles


the ever so perfect
lindor truffle
— white is my ultimate
favourite — the way
the creamy filling
oozes from its chocolate
case as it enters
my eager mouth
licorice whips
perfect for tying
into knots
and devouring
with glee

at times
comedic tragedies
play a forceful
role in our lives
licorice whips

— it\’s up to us

to remain
in the light
no matter
how dark

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