Lizzie + Louise = Unicorn Esprit

Lizzie: I really miss you! 

Louise: I miss you too! 

Lizzie: Are you doing ok up there?  I keep 
          on the thought of your spirit; along
          with the perception that you are finally 
          able to spread those elegant wings 
          of yours.\”

Louise: I am doing, the best I can.  
           There is no pain or ache here, I\’m
           constantly surrounded with our unicorns.

Lizzie: What do you mean \”our unicorns\”? 

Louise: You are so silly! Don\’t you remember 
            that time we spent the summer around 
            horses?  How we always imagined 
            the majestic horn atop their crown.  
            And, how the colour from their mane
            had an incredible glitter which shined
            through the darkest caverns. 

Lizzie: Oh, I remember now! I don\’t know 
          how I could have forgotten such a wonderful

Louise: It\’s because my body is no longer 
           there anymore to physically remind 
           you of the remarkable snapshots 
           and experiences we\’ve shared together. 

Lizzie: Stop, I can\’t hear anymore.  My body 
          quakes in your absence. 

Louise: I never left you. I saw what you did 
           last week, your diamond art unicorn 
           was made for me — wasn\’t it? 

Lizzie: How did you know that? 

Louise: I am with each breath you take — 
           transparent; close your eyes. I 
           know you\’ll be able to feel me. Hold 
           out your hand — that feather touch 
           you gently feel is mine.  My hands
           intertwine with yours. 

Lizzie: I can feel you! How is that possible? 

Louise: I don\’t know, don\’t make the rules. 
           I simply have the ability to do so. 

Lizzie: Stay close — please. 

Louise: I am right here, if you ever want 
           to feel me, lift your hand — the touch
           you hold close is mine. 

Lizzie: I love you! 

Louise: I love you too! Remember me!      

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