anxiety, go screw yourself!

Original Artwork By Teja Krašek


anxiety, go screw yourself! By Rania M M Watts

can you feel it?
    pin pricks in the form 
        of an arrow that pierces 
   the flesh of a cortex
     that refuses to relent

    cold radiated emotion
       courses through a body
          where shear pain 
      renders fear into a puddle 
         of psychedelic hues  
            one melted reality  

    an unwelcomed darkened door 
        at present forces a communion
    that blends shadows of light 
       into a pure evil onyx core 
          which diminishes  

      imagine for a moment 
   the preparation of a warm 
    self induced embrace 
      where all of a sudden 
          these thorny spikes
             emerge from 
                 your body 

    puncture wounds 
      one inch thick riddled 
        with unpatchable holes 
             or at least you contemplate
         they can\’t be filled  

      that\’s not true — mother earth
         has provided us with the perfect 
             earth to fill each one of our wounds
         in a fashion conducive to furnish 
             a body which uses the power
                 of the great entity 
                        to heal   

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