what secrets are in your drawers?

a sinister hand
seeks solace
concealed within
tiny compartments

no one knows
what\’s been
fed properly
or with what?

hmm, a decade
and handful of years
since we first fell in love

do you remember
that cozy night?

distilled emotion
to a location
that\’s consistently
lost & delirious

your knowledge
of what hid in my drawers
eluded distance from
the witching hour

until the ache
from within my sweet
tooth demanded
in her loudest voice

i\’m sure my sudden
movements made 
you a slight
anxious — 

when you caught
a glimpse 
of what i\’d placed
inside of my hand 
you laughed
so hard

all trepidation
melted with the freshly
opened box
of mike & ike\’s
original fruit

for sharing…  

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