Does it really matter?

 Does it really matter 
      who likes you 
          and who doesn’t?

Does it really matter 
      those who are jealous?

Doesn’t really matter —  
    those who are silent 
       who lurk in dark corners
Who don’t want others 
       to succeed 

 Does it really matter 
       to be surrounded by people 
           who don’t understand 
               the meaning of the word 
       genuine depth

     Does it really matter 
         to be surrounded by people 
              who are not altruistic 

     Does it really matter 
         everyone has their own unique 
     characteristics an individual idiosyncratic 
            personality — their own methodology 
                of living their own life 

It’s not about everyone else 
     there will be people above 
           there will be people below 

    The only consequence 
       is to do what’s right for you 
          to do what’s right for me 

        To comprehend people will literally 
   want to do nothing but rip off my shiny 
      glitter wings – permanent sparkle 
        never fades 

The core of an underdog 
     will never dissipate in a world 
        of naysayers 

   It is the underdogs 
       who are the survivors 
           in this world 

 Who are the innovators 
     who are able to breathe 
          who are aware that brain pathways 
  house the capacity to transform 
     in a millisecond 

   Only if a willing participant 
       is able to understand 

         Otherwise, what’s the point? 

   History cannot be re-written 
      it could never be  
 the only thing that can be etched 
     is the future one that could 
         render oblivion and bliss 

  The body wakes the spirit 
the purpose of life
  is not to be better than others 
     or to try and manipulate 

 The purpose of life 
    is to learn to establish 
   who you are, ownership
      of a concrete essence 

Those who do not understand 
      will be frightened of you 

 Those who hide will not understand 
      why you fight so hard 

  Those who are ostriches 
       hide their head in the sand 

 Who would rather others speak 
      I can appreciate being an introvert 

  I cannot appreciate being a coward 
         as that is the path that I choose 
               to not travel

  The past is of no consequence 
          future days of new reign 
              in absence of bitter 

   The bones buried in the cemeteries 
       bury your dead 
    Know, regardless 
 of how many bad decisions 
    are made in life 

  It is inconsequential 
       a pathway to choose 
    a better life 
       to turn on a dime 

  To allow the Alice in wonderland walrus 
        that falls on your path to simply be 
           and veer to the left 

      Sometimes going through 
          is not the only way 
 Sometimes it is depends 
   on where your adversity 
        will take you

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