you pick — oubliette or imaginarium?

at present
i would like to address
that suicidal teen housed
inside of your awkward
thirteen or even seventeen
year old self — that looks back
decades later to discern the depth
of stupidity that has been exhibited 

a witching hour comes for everyone
will you allow the charcoal pitch
which has pricked your spirit
— to coat a spitfire essence
or will you freeze that little black blob
& squish it until nothing remains
with the exception of a liquid
dust pyre pile — that has the potential
to revive your own dark phoenix
from the ashes — rebirth refreshes
and regenerates a joie de vivre
that was supposed to be there
from the beginning of your tale

go get your book, change
your story – don’t rewrite
you’re his/her/story
simply marinate
on what you don’t appreciate
and transmutate that concept
into one that materialises
a metamorphosis so unreal
the extraordinary 
will ooze 

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