void of any restitution

      finds me fascinated
     words inside
           of themselves
                  might be mundane
               a detailed
                     practice study
               should be encouraged
      a shiny word read
              appears to be robust   
                               and illuminated
                 on the surface

                   houses roots
             which flourish
       below the terra firma

          often taken for granted
                   and ridiculously 
         how about i utilize teeth
                          as a prime example
           when we smile
                  all anyone sees  
                            is something lustrous
                     hopefully in the absence
                                    of decrepit decay

upon further exploration
    the physiology between fangs
           and their correlation
               to the rest of the body
          or visage

                one is not aware
                          of the inner pathology
                although the outside
        is visibly stable

      i’m not unfamiliar with dental pain
            during my time in montreal 
                                   i’d visited a dentist 
              who literally gold capped  


                      fast forward a couple of years  
               i annihilated that gold cap
     and the baby tooth
               right along with it
          preferred extraction tool
              a copper penny

     moral of the story

do not allow others
           to cheat you into
                 forced unnecessary

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