Bride of Frankenstein

Ache accompanies
   curiosity throughout
       moments where death
  stalked around each
            forbidden pathway
     Future uncertainties
         occupy a desolate mind
              which had succumbed
                   to the years of intolerance
             a fifty-millimeter screw attached
                 to the salvation of a hammer drill
         utilized to make a pin hole
             through an indestructible
                  concrete oubliette

   Forced solar waves
           to entre in the form
                  of a spotlight

      Truth is a device
            which consistently raises
                 the awareness
           as to where our destiny lies
                  grateful to a twin flame
             who rescued the few undamaged
                   pieces of my core
                        roots required nourishment
            The seeds we’d planted
                           now twisted trees
                 intertwined inside of each other
                        life-force replenished
                 housed inside the proclivity
                          of the purest form
                                    of passion       

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