Urban Glamour

I had an extremely
difficult time as a child
when it came to properly
being able to explain
my philosophies
and thought

One day
I saw a movie
that made complete


in terms
of how to properly
the methodology
behind imagination
and creation.

The movie
is Finding Neverland,
when Sir James
Matthew Barrie
would discuss
creatures of mythical
proportions – which
come to life as exhibitions
of glamour disguised
by the human

If you change
the colour of the optic
in front of you,
you’ll see there’s
an integral illumination
that nourishes
a mind that seeks
in their imaginarium
disguised as an oubliette.

There have been a plethora  
of moments in my life
where, when I look
at individuals –
I can actually envision
them as whimsical entities
surrounded by the normalcy
of life. I honestly
relish conceptualisation
as depth of perspective
will always change
with each individual gaze.

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