"It\’s only love that\’s manifest…"

 journeys affords humanity
      moments of life-scape  
          sincerity where 
    i am allowed to remain
       static for a micro second 
           the ability for the capacity 
       for time to be a reality 

  as beings of complex emotion
what will i offer for my higher purpose
    the verity of all my ugly
   and elegance 
      shatters frozen plasma 
  in the pattern of a crime scene
      the reel in the projector 
         is not completely damaged 
              only worn

      to come to terms 
   with who i am, the person 
 i desire to be, certain philosophies 
    follow me wherever i go  
       if i am to be honest 
    i have the fire in the belly 
 to advocate for those 
  who feel they are unable 
      to speak 

   negative consequences 
      of a voice that stands 
         against the norm 
             of vile standards 

  i know my impact 
     i don\’t like to discuss it; because 
        for me if i stop to meander
           on various thoughts 
               of how my universe 

    places my organic being
        in various locations
           for the greater good 
              i\’ll explode

    nick once explained
      it — as being an instrument
         there are plenty 
             of reasons why 

   the movement of spirits 
      who adhere to the questions 
          of why?

        my reply
           — why not? 

Title Quote: Tony Moore, Awake; Remember Me  

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