caffeine addiction envy

 jolt at 9:30 am
   on an empty stomach
       and about seven cigarettes later



   the amount of times 
      i\’ve had coffee 
         can be counted 
            on one hand 

      odd, four times
   been thinking of rounding
     the number to five 

        so far, 
            three double doubles
          & one cappuccino

     not all at once 
  i am unfamiliar 
     with coffee appreciation 
          or addiction

  curiosity propels 
     my trepidation riddled
        core — should 
            it be attempted 

   check-out @wtfdrinkorders
        on instagram 

      if i had a java preference 
 i think it would have to be a mocha 
   with EXTREME whip, one shot
         of vanilla, and shaved white

   i\’ve heard honey in coffee 
      is disgusting — i may actually 
         equally agree as it does not sound
             attractive to my audio receptors 
        honey would not be my preferred
           coffee sweetener 
         something about sugar 
             suits me just fine 

    we are all individuals on this universe 
       each with a unique and distinctive 
            taste for what our palette 

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