Is it because the sand tastes like sugar?

What is it about the desert that is simply
deliciously romantic? Let\’s see, for one
it is one of the most illuminating environments,

specifically for self-discovery. One of the
most attractive attributes of the late and
eclectically whimsical Jim Morrison, is

the path that lead him directly to the one
place, he was able to surrender the angst
for peace and retribution. Released in

the form, of the purest, of versification
ever written. Or, perhaps how the dry air
permits lovers to feel the weight of the

heavy fabric that adorned their bodies,
before being able to savagely make love.
Directly below, a crescent moon with the

accompaniment of a melancholy sweet
breeze. Emotions heightened past the point
of excelsior, engulfed intimate explosions

of molecules that exhibit no sign, to attempt,
any resignation. Confectioner skies, amplify
the luscious exchange.

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