witch with a capital b!

there\’s a song

from the 90\’s

that encapsulates


a woman

is — from tender

nurturers to personal

demonic terrors

depending upon

the situation

the truth

is women

are all those

things but

that doesn\’t

make us any

less human

or vulnerable




let me provide

you with a thought

provoking image

picture an octopus

if you will — each

tentacle is a different

role we must play

in our lives

— not a role for theatrical

purposes but; components

that construct or de

who or what

we are


where was i,

yes, each tentacle

taken wrapped around

a cog that\’s attached

to a vice grip which tightens

a rake — with each

task or role

we are stretched

thin enough

to be prepared


in lieu

of the usual


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