"Dear Life"

I never protected
    you in a fashion conducive
         to prosperity 
   stifled by numerous individuals
      a proper chance to acquisition
         the honest essence of how
             you\’ve constructed me 

    in a fashion similar to Swiss Cheese 
       riddled with holes — each one
          void of purpose

    bit by bit
       you ensconced me in your reality 
          the emergence of selected 
              cluster mind photographs 
     are taken over with an authentic 
       drop of reality ink, well, the ink
           is nothing special only when tethered
      to the expression of an individual 
          who seeks to spelunk the caverns 
              of a soft spongy surface 

     over time, you dear life
       consumed me with rested 
           embers that appreciate 
                 rebirth and redemption 

    when chances are offered 
       the past is of no consequence
           only a chartered path forward
               to consume each moment
       not only with passion
           also, the many faces
                of verity 
Title Quote Credit; Tony Moore  

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