i don\’t know if it\’s the texture

of cotton candy that frightens

me — i seem to forget all about

it the second this fibreglass-esque

sweet melts on my slightly

parched tongue — which releases

a flavour of utter blueberry bliss

— while it disintegrates in seconds

into little sugar crystals

as it\’s pressed

to the roof

of my mouth

the non edible counterpart
to this brilliant carnival fair

would encourage a myriad 
to conceal themselves 
in the darkest

of oubliettes

i\’ve heard of individuals

who live in fear of cotton

balls — one in particular

mentioned to me that her body

would react to these puffs

in a similar manner

— as one who scatters

at the prospect of sharp

pointy nails on a freshly

washed chalk board

— an auditory experience

which could radiate

many a body

phobias have the potential

inside of themselves

to shut anyone down

— if strength of self

is not pursued

that will most certainly 
result in the proverbial 
acme anvil right 
to the brain  

even an innocuous

irregularly shaped sphere
for the suffering

of many…  

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