Protect your fangs!

I have an extremely vivid memory as a three and a half year old; my father took me to a dentist in Montreal who put a gold cap on one of my baby teeth. The pain was excruciating; to the point that decades later I still remember screaming in agony while pacing back and forth in that small apartment. Funny thing about that specific baby tooth and cap, it was extracted by me with the aid of a copper penny when I felt the slightest wiggle about five years later. Not exactly something I would recommend for anyone at present or ever.

The reason that I add this little anecdote is to illustrate the appreciation of a solid dentist; with an exceptional support staff.  My husband and children have been going to Dr. Noel Shen of Parkway Dental in Pickering for years.  My schedule finally opened up during reading week and was able to book my appointment. Upon my arrival to the office; I was greeted with warm smiles from Shirley & Amor.  Although Shirley & Amor both wore masks due to obvious COVID protocols; the expression in their eyes was undeniable. I genuinely appreciate walking into a space I\’ve never walked into before and being greeted with that level of kindness. 

My husband had said to me, \”if you see Mel; please say hello for me.\” The moment I walk into the room with the large cumbersome dental chair, I hear \”I think, I\’ve seen your whole family…\” I turned to her and said \”are you Mel?\” She had said \”yes.\” I was smiling, I\’d heard so many positive things about Mel; they were all true… Let me tell you, there is an artistic quality to scaling teeth. Anyone who follows this blog is aware of my art obsession.  As I sat in the chair, I could feel the work that was being done in my mouth — with each scrape I began to think about the art of sculpting and Camille Claudel. By the time, I saw the detailing of what had been done — I no longer thought of Mel as a dental hygienist but as an artist. Moreover, the work ethic that Mel exudes is undeniable she is fearless; I have such respect for humans who are suited to their current careers; while they thrive in them.  Not to mention her positive bedside manner, Mel has a powerful touch with such a kind demeanour. If Mel, did this good of a job on my teeth I wonder what she would be capable with a piece of clay — carving out details of a plate, mug or vase. 

Clearly, by my glowing recommendation, I would advise if you live in Pickering or the surrounding area and are looking for a dentist that you contact Dr. Shen\’s office at (905) 683-8879.

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