soft outer shell + inside organs + plasma that courses = human body

Trigger warning — Human Trafficking Awareness day was on February 22, 2021; one day is truly not enough to bring light to the devastation that human trafficking has had on humanity let alone children under the age of 16.


soft outer shell + inside organs + plasma that courses = human body 


    why am i not in my body?
       is it because my host was no longer useful? 
            what happened to the shell from my birth
        was i not good enough anymore
     i tried my hardest to behave myself

        telephone books have been placed 
           on my belly before someone took 
              a wooden baseball bat and struck

    i was fed an insane amount of oxy & t1\’s
      at one point my body remained 
         listless on a bed — the last thing
            i remember is the sound of my heartbeat
          on a crash course up through my esophagus 

       my organ travelled so high through 
           the cold passage a lotus amidst
                 all the muck did not prevent 
        icy cold hands — as they enter
    my body — pull, at my roots,
      tear from their tether 

now i am here
        and halfway dead

     i wonder what happened
         to all my other vital 

     not only was my body multiple use
        even with death — there is no piece
           all of my puzzles have been taken  

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