Broken Candy — Press Release


\’Broken Candy\’; Rania M M Watts\’ forth coming book is one that resonates resilience and the ability to move forward through trying times. As a Victim Justice & Intervention student at Durham College,Rania has learned of the emerging need and support that is required by violence against women’s organisations. The reality is that COVID-19 has brought with it more than a virus, the impact alone on domestic violence can be felt as a battle-cry throughout the globe. Individuals being forced into lockdown with their abuser; without the benefit of perhaps work or school to attend as a solace from the trauma. This afforded Rania the idea to approach her publisher Melaris In Print, Co-Founder, Georgia Melaris to query the possibility of perhaps an organised fundraiser.  All the profits from Broken Candy will be donated to two women’s organisations; one in Canada & the other in the UK. Rania has selected the Durham Rape Crisis Centre and Georgia has selected Advance. Both of these organisations offer similar mandates with regard to the urgency of advocating against violence against women.


The cover art for \’Broken Candy was designed by CCIQ Press’ Resident Artist Valisa Bernardino. Valisa shared with Rania the reason that the Amaryllis was selected for this cover; it was because in Victorian times it represented strength and beauty which she thought was quite fitting. A true vision, to complete the inception of this book; which exudes: strength, courage, and determination.  

Broken Candy\’s foreword will be written by Volunteer Coordinator Emma Conner of DRCC. Printers permitted ‘Broken Candy’ should be out by the summer of 2021 exclusively via Melaris in Print. 

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