Burlesque Boudoir

Photo Credit Millicent Binks

 elegant fingers glide 

    across a virgin piano
       about to be annihilated 
     in the most elegant 
   and delectable fashion 

     secrets woven amongst 
  the notes, with each sharp, flat
   or unelevated key — the presence 
       of a catalyst that never surrenders
   through moments of insane 
      subterfuge — hidden beside 
         fluffy feathers 
             and fantastical unicorns

   the weight of each key 
 music which fades into the mist 
    is riddled with the appreciation
       of the enchantment 
          for the proclivity 

                to rise and float 
          as the music ledger travels 
             to the strata behind 
                 in lieu of staff lines 
          that desire to be explored 
       the facet of that little innovation
   of ceaseless passion as it solidifies
      the elegance of a statue — poised
         hushed corners — rapture 
              ensconces the verity 
                  of space consumed 
                      with instruments 
                         of flight 

           and a demeanour to shatter 
              a class ceiling that forever
                   inches into the strata 
                        with layers of exploration
                worthy of the single ion 
                    in the core of your being     

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