Monotonous but; worth it!

That\’s it, keep your wrist
static. I know, how tedious
of a task this is nevertheless
if you want — decent fudge
there\’s a ridiculous process
to follow. Not ridiculous
as in silly or some haphazard
joke but, as in a whole lot of 


See this sugar creep up the side?
Make sure to only scrape it down
once before many skins are cultivated
— which will render a granular
fudge. Each piece will coat your teeth
with flavoured sucrose and that\’s not
our desired goal. Ok, grab the candy
thermometer and a glass of water,
it can be tested via old and new school
methods but; in this instance I feel
too lazy and thirsty so the old school
method will have to wait. There look
soft crack, now we can pour
our fudge in a parchment lined
ivory-hued side ridged corning ware.
Here you can annihilate the rest of what
is on this wooden paddle while

the fudge cools….   

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