Truth: By Artemis Skye McNeil

You can not outrun it…
it will catch up

You can not ignore it…
it will persist

You cannot deny it…
it will prevail

You cannot lie and stand for truth
        you will find yourself limping

You cannot
outgrow truth
You can only grow into it

You cannot turn a blind eye to truth 
           when it’s reflection is staring back at you 
                   you can only distort it like 

looking into carnival mirrors yet that is
still truth – the knowledge
of distortion

Truth’s eventuality is sudden
When you finally face it
It’s time to face it


No one has the right to copy, or mock another’s honest work.
No one has the right to tarnish another’s passion and creative effort.
No one has the right to become judge and jury to another’s character.
This is passive aggressive harassment and cloaked bullying.
Speak your mind but do it honestly and with respect.
For those of those of you who don’t.
Look at your reflection.
Truth is waiting for you.
Man up.

Artemis Skye McNeil is an author, motivational speaker, and poet. Her platform is bridging the gap between inspirational words and daily affirmations for personal growth and development without anxiety. Ari\’s love of words started at a young age. Growing up in a bilingual home, she enjoyed conversations with her father on the breakdown and etymology of words in both English and Greek. Her love of writing stemmed from the third grade through her schooling years and has been writing professionally since 2013. She enjoys public speaking and book signings. She loves meeting and having great conversations and connections with her audience. She is currently residing in Atlanta with her husband, & birds: Seinfeld McNugget a.k.a. The Nug and Snowball. She is currently working on her third, fourth, and fifth books.

Artemis Skye McNeil is a lifetime member of the Atlanta Writer\’s Club; a member of the Georgia Writers Association.

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