i h*te you!!

melancholy arrogant man
flatulence escapes your elegantly
stabilized body — as well as the next
human being — you are no more special
than any other person who walks
up your drive — ideals and imprints
cast shadows upon the days of old
extravagance a miss when it comes
to respectable behaviour in polite
company — fear not old man
your judgement has not
fallen upon your spirit
— not yet anyway
for you to fear
your death
into oblivion
would be simpler
if the life you\’ve lived
had rendered itself
in concept of something
so flawless it would conceal
the infinite boils you have scattered
all over your face — presently
it becomes ridiculous — especially
since i can gleefully play connect 
the dots with the blue sharpie i brought 
to vandalize your sinful and decrepit face 
with obscurity — equal to the pain 
you caused in your lifetime — shame 
will never bury you — only lost love 
— will slam your casket closed 
as that will be your grand 
finale sans any flora.  

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