Copycat Killer!

    did you hear that?

   it is the process of an original 
 thought — in an attempt to forge 
     its existence of a poem

       which is most likely 
    to be duplicated 

\”people will try to diminish you
   as they did me, and they will fail\” *
      jealousy is a bitter fruit
  to swallow, not palatable 
in the slightest 

  plagiarism is not the highest 
    form of flattery — neither 
      is the theft of intellectual 

    unique ideas that never existed 
 in certain souls — tend to be lacklustre 
    similar to a poorly sung 
      high e flat 

    honour those who have resonated
       your essence — provide them 
           with the proper respect 
                of acknowledgement

    especially when said \’original thought\’
 from the second stanza would have clearly 
   allowed your cortex to explode
       all you see — the bounty 
          that never belonged 
              to you

     you are a pirate
 your treasure petals 
    will be cursed to never bloom 
         brightly in a fashion of pride 
             stand behind the fallen
        flora that will never tolerate 
            a stolen fuchsia bloom 
*Grey\’s Anatomy, Dr. Craig Thomas speaking to Dr. Cristina Yang

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