Attention All Students!

Times are very challenging at present, especially with regards to mental health and self care. Ms Gulrukh Khan understands the ever changing needs of students and the pressures associated with academia.  She has generously offered her services at a very discounted rate for verified students – to help support them.

Rania M M Watts, Founder CCIQ Press

Ms Gulrukh Khan is a fully qualified Holistic Specialist and has been practicing for more than 20 years.

She has studied a wide array of modalities inclusive of Clinical Aromatherapy, Acupressure and Therapeutic Massage, Counselling, Advanced Theta Healing, Reiki, Channelling, Basics of Hypnosis, Conflict Resolution and Remote Healing.

In these complex times we are currently facing, people are experiencing depression, loneliness, anxiety and uncertainty. They have also experienced an unprecedented amount of fear and perhaps bereavements – all under restricted conditions that have disabled the usual physical support that we have been accustomed to.

People have lost their homes and have financial difficulties and their lives have been drastically altered.

She is offering students counselling sessions over whatsapp, as she has received a lot of calls from young people who feel isolated from their peers and are simultaneously experiencing a lot of pressure to achieve.

She is offering verified students $20 per hour sessions – where they can talk and receive support for any issues they may be feeling emotionally; whether they are past or current. *All within a safe and non judgemental environment. Full professional confidentiality will be observed 

Two hour sessions at a time are recommended – in order to have a detailed and intensive experience.

She lives in London, UK and has a wide range of testimonials from an eclectic range of professionals and well known people.

You can contact her: 


“I have received, on two separate occasions, Quantum Light Therapy with ‘Energy Healing and Activations’ from Gulrukh Khan. I have had holistic or complementary sessions from other people before, but nothing like the powerful work done by Gulrukh. I felt extremely relaxed and could feel all my energy moving and expanding. I didn’t want to fall asleep during any part of it because I didn’t want to miss any of the experience.

After the first session of 2 hours, my overall energy levels became so much better. And my mind was alert and fresh. The second session worked even deeper, clearing any old layers of built up fatigue. I am looking forward to my next session, as what I have received so far, has changed my energy in the most wonderful way. I have no hesitation in saying to anyone who may like to try this, that I feel wonderful and rejuvenated. I highly recommend Gulrukh’s personalised treatments, and herself as a Practitioner, to everyone.”
Robert Watts, Film and TV Producer
(Star Wars film Series, Indiana Jones film series , Who Framed Roger Rabbit)

“I had several sessions of amazing Quantum Light Therapy with Gul.
Thank you beautiful sister for your love and support. You have been a wonderful friend since we met. Your words give me strength, and your wonderful treatments make me feel focused and helped me to get rid of any unnecessary negative energy. The sessions were powerful enough to reboot my system, which was under a lot of pressure at the time. It really helped to restore vitality, and also remove any emotional build up I had been carrying around. I recommend it to those who like to take care of their well being, and move forward in their lives in a positive and self empowered way.”
Lara Hassan – Celebrity Pilates Instructor (clients include Sting) and Author.

“I had Quantum Light Therapy to just relax me, and restore my energy from an extremely hectic 24/7  lifestyle. During the Light Therapy, I felt relaxed and supported. I even fell asleep during it.  That night I slept very deeply, like a baby, and woke up with the worries of the world gone from my shoulders. I have recommended it to all my client database,  in a newsletter, because I rate it very highly as a energy booster. Thank you Gul.”
Kaja Wunder – Events Organiser, Model and TV Presenter

“I was recommended to see Gul for her Quantum Light Therapy at a time when I really needed a fresh start and had some issues with weakness in my eyes.  After the treatment I felt very much refreshed, and more focused and it felt as if both my eyes and my respiratory system had a new lease of life. Over the days that followed there were signs of detoxification and increased energy. The breadth of the treatment and how it since changed my mind set, has been very fulfilling: it’s more about addressing what’s going on inside you as an individual as opposed to just going through a process. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who requires healing or rebalancing.”
Kathryn Pringle, Lifestyle PR Director
“Before new therapists use my consulting rooms I like to have an experience of the treatments they offer so I know for myself what they entail. Gul gave me an experience of Quantum light spectrum therapy for 2 hours. I’m in pretty good shape with no major ailments, but I found that my shoulder and neck area, which was a little tense and stiff from the gym that day, felt far more supple and relaxed at the end of the session. I expect anyone with a physical ailment would see an even bigger contrast and difference in their well being by the end of their session. I also felt deeply relaxed throughout the session. I am happy to fully endorse Quantum Light Spectrum Therapy and I’m sure I will hear many more positive feedback comments from mutual clients in turn…”
Felix Economakis, Director, The Heath Therapies (Also author and guest appearances on BBC2’s  ‘The Panic Room’ as a Consultant)

Felix also wrote to us again:
“Just wanted to say a big thank you to Gul and her rather amazing light therapy, which i have experienced in a previous session. My wife had a hip pain and after just one session the pain had gone down dramatically. Please bear in mind that my wife did not pay for the session or seek out help (I did an exchange with Gul which I offered for my wife). My wife tends to be very sceptical of these things and did not expect any significant change (which rules out placebo). She was genuinely shocked at the dramatic results. A week later I had a session myself with Gul for a lower back pain. I pulled a muscle in the gym and a bunch of muscles tightened up and pulled on my hip. In just after one session my muscles had eased dramatically and the pain had also diminished to a very small level. God knows what results would happen with a course of light therapy not just one session! I cannot recommend this treatment enough for physical aches, pains and ailments. Thank you Gul, you’ve got two much happier, smiling people back on track rather than the fed up, grimacing couple we’ve been in the past few weeks.”
Felix Economakis (Director Heath Therapies)

 “I am a property developer and Entrepreneur with a demanding lifestyle, and a 20 a day smoker for many years.  30 years ago I severely injured my right shoulder after playing tennis. I tore the ligament which never fully healed. I tried physiotherapy, ultrasound and even cortisone injections to rid myself of the pain and increase mobility. Nothing really worked on a long term basis. I always had poor flexibility despite those treatments. Massage helped but the movement in my arm was impaired. I actually gave up trying to have more treatments as it was costing so much in time and money. Then I bumped into Gulrukh Khan who told me about Quantum Light Spectrum Therapy that she was having great results with.

I agreed to try it though I wasn’t completely convinced about having any great change to my condition. The science of it all looked great but I was a bit disillusioned. After a 2 hour session, the pain disappeared up to 80% and my arm mobility had the same percentage result. I was amazed. I felt lighter, clearer and more able to breathe better too. I immediately asked for another 2 hour session for the following week. I wanted to see if the amazing change would stay. It did. We did another session and I can say with total joy that I hardly have any pain and that my arm is almost completely back to normal. I sleep better at nights and somehow the light she uses has opened up my lungs. I am now embarking on a course of further treatments to heal my lungs from all the smoking and to fully heal my arm so I can start training again. Wow!

Gul is very sensitive and careful about the way she applies treatment and had also helped me to clear up any emotional stuff I had regarding feelings around my disability and any negativity I held subconsciously about life. I totally  recommend her as a practitioner for those who are serious about having positive life change and miraculous healing. Thank you so much Gul  from the bottom of my heart for this new lease of health and these healings.
I am recommending her to everyone I know. Love and blessings.”
Danny Aranov, Property Developer and Entrepreneur

 “Intertwining paths with Gulrukh Khan has proved to be a bright blessing in my life. Gulrukh has the amazing gift of being able to sense what a person’s Spirit needs; harness that and give it back to you, wrapped with a beautiful hand tied bow! A true Spirit to Spirit connector. Gulrukh (my beauty) enriches the lives and hearts of all she encounters.”
LauraLove (Retreat Workshop Creator, Texas)

“I visited Gul for a two hour session of Quantum Light Therapy on a foot injury that I had got through long distance running.  I found Gul’s initial approach of talking me through the treatment beforehand to be most reassuring, and she talked with confidence and authority.  She continued to reassure through every stage of the treatment as it was being applied.  The treatment itself was painless in more ways than one: I didn’t feel anything whilst receiving the treatment, and; the pain in my foot seemed to vanish the instant I got off the treatment table and walked the first few tentative steps.  The foot pain has not reappeared in the four days since the treatment, and I am now looking forward to getting back to pounding the streets in another week or so.  I would like to record my thanks to Gul once again for her healing powers and her all-round care for my well-being.”
Mark Baxendale, Industrial Relations Manager

“I had a session with Gul over the phone, sat on a bench in a park. I immediately felt the effects, I felt calmer, more open, more receptive, more energetic. After a few days I saw my fears slowly change and lift, and I felt calmer and more trusting. Feelings of abundance and gratitude returned. Thanks Gul for a wonderful experience!”
Will Pike, Fitness Coach & Personal Trainer

“Gulrukh gave me a telephone session, and I was very impressed with the accuracy of her intuition and how she “got” the root of the issues I needed healing for, with minimal conversation. The words of her invocation were comprehensive, and contained palpable energy; as if a whole dialogue could be a mantra. I felt weights just lifting off me. That night I had dreams of being treated by a South American style Shaman and woke three times suddenly, as powerful energy shifts resonated in my body. There was a sense of re-start. The following night I slept very deeply, and and shortly after I woke there was a beautiful vision of a gigantic pair of cupped hands, and I was laying inside them, curled up safe in the palm, like a child carried and protected by the loving hands of the universe. I feel that Gulrukh wove me back into the cosmic thread of my own life after I had become a bit off course due to stress. The healing continues to unfold over these subsequent days, and I look forward to being able to meet her in person and sample some of the other healing skills she offers. Gulrukh is a beautiful human being, and well worth your investment of time and money.”
Beverley Angel, IT Consultant

“There are times in my life where I find it tremendously helpful to be able to completely confide in someone on a deep spiritual level, and know that this person won’t judge me, who has the ability to suggest other ways of looking at the issue and help me to connect with my innate power again, which somehow got buried for the moment. Being a healer and light worker myself, I am quite picky and choosy in who I confide in.
I found Gul to be an amazing pillar of support and extremely trustworthy, during those times of internal darkness. She has never failed to bring out the sun again and open my heart. I feel blessed and grateful to know her.We have had many Skype, telephone, and face to face sessions. I can recommend her services very highly, to those who feel they need the extra spiritual and healing support in their lives.”

Muriel Mueller – Yoga Instructor and Healing Facilitator.

“Gul has a very gentle and feminine energy which she transmits with her sensitive touch. In receiving her massage I felt deeply loved and nurtured. Furthermore, she is very much in touch with her intuition – and is able to channel the energy where it is most needed. In her session I also received precious feedback about what my body and soul needed at the time”.
Ursula Barbieri – Healer and facilitator

“The series of massage sessions that I had with Gul were delightful. She has a very calm and wise presence and obviously a strong intuitive sense. I felt deeply nourished and cared for, and my body felt expanded and released. She is a woman of enormous integrity and I highly recommend her work”.
Esther De Angelis – facilitator, coach and hypnotherapist  

“I have Aromatherapy massage by Gul on a regular basis. It helps me unwind from my busy life. She has a real ability to sense the problem tension areas and therefore works through it, to leave me revitalised. I have no hesitation in recommending her”.
Sabina Syed – Managing Director

“I have been very fortunate to have received several sessions from Gul, and I will continue to use her services as the results have been formidable. Her unique style allows the client to feel at complete ease… and feel a deep trust… as her abilities to interpret the situation are truly channelled.. and yet she is totally present. I have no hesitation in referring her to others, as I know they will benefit from her skills as much as I have. I always look forward to a session with Gul, as I am excited to see what changes happen in my life – as a consequence of the intentions Gul helps manifest. Thank you for all your loving support.”
Sharon – Hypnotherapist North West London |

“Gulrukh is a gifted, sensitive and powerful healer.

Her warmth and caring nature join with a natural ability to channel healing energy – to where it is most needed. You will come away from a session with a new feeling of vitality, and a connection to the true abundance of your life.”
Davide De Angelis – Author of the Guiding Principle

I have had a few face to face and telephone sessions with Gul to help with specific issues and found her insights and healing affirmations like awakenings, easing a painful situation back into the light. Thank you, Gul!
Lubna Gem Arielle (Author, Actress and Lawyer) –

Gulrukh truly assisted me on my healing journey. I was at a “deep point” in my life when I received the deepest loving and intuitive guidance from her. Immediately after the shocking revelation and realization gained from the Theta Healing and energy blocks’ clearing sessions, I had a major positive life-change. Since then my nutrition and lifestyle habits, my relationships and self-worth as well as my career and self-realization tremendously improved. She also supported me with additional “coaching” after the sessions. These discussions greatly helped my analytical mind to put all in place and in peace… I want to grab this opportunity to say a HUGE thanks to Gul!
Ildiko G (Website Designer)

Intertwining paths with Gulrukh Khan has proved to be a bright blessing in my life. Gulrukh has the amazing gift of being able to sense what a person’s Spirit needs; harness that and give it back to you, wrapped with a beautiful hand tied bow! A true Spirit to Spirit connector. Gulrukh (my beauty) enriches the lives and hearts of all she encounters.
LauraLove (Retreat Workshop Creator, Texas)

I am so very thankful for the time you shared with me, when I needed some clarity about which direction to move in. You helped me ”see” and gave me the guidance I needed, for the space to make positive changes to my life… Thank you Gul xxx
Andrea Tteja (Yoga Guide)

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