A micro collection of poetry by MK McWilliams!


¡Oh Clarity!

Some new visions arrived in my eyes

The blessing of insight, of hindsight

Where scenes flash in my mind

Thirty-five millimeters of red flags and

Roots, things that take hold in the dirt

And try to be one with the earth 

But not everything planted belongs

I see it now, I breathe it out in bedtime

Rhymes, prayers to another world

Not everything wanted becomes

What\’s meant for us

Take the late warnings as a miracle

We are free to move on

Beautiful Things That Aren\’t Beautiful at First Glance

Old bricks, cracked from time and gravity / low hanging moss by the bayou / jetty rocks covered in sand and slime / algae green and rotten / when the rain pours down a little too much / and the receding leaves a residue of earthy pith / glowing coals in gray ash from a fire quieting down / and when the wind blows strong / and the tall trees sway / and humble human inventions like pinwheels and weather vanes are no match / when the earth reclaims her land / when she breathes and we\’re forced to breathe with her

Wartime Cataloging

We\’re twelve minutes apart

But it might as well be a sea

Complete opposite sides

Across a town\’s divide

And we knew we\’d never

Win a war of contrition

The battle lines were drawn

In sandy soil and caliche

So you stay there, across the

Worn out battlefield and I\’ll

recoup here, somber and lone

There are no winners in the

Endings of war, despite what

The chiefs would have you believe

No, we both lose, both lost

Entire years, entire lives, ways

Of living we took for granted

But as the dust settled, it became

Clear enough that sometimes war

Is worth it (what a sad proposition)

Sometimes everything needs

A demolition, a decimation, yes

Sometimes everything needs

To break before it can be put

Back together again

MK is a life-long lover of words and creator of imaginary worlds. She writes poetry, fiction, and essays, exploring themes such as mental health and the human experience. Her debut poetry collection, Stereospace, was published in February 2020 by Pine Peak Press. She has also authored three limited edition chapbooks: Technicolor Mind, Ode, and Jagged People, which was released worldwide in digital form in December 2020. MK lives in New Jersey with her young daughter and their demon corgi.

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