Some of Liz Lugo\’s favourites from 2020 by her!

Can you remember the taste
of my lips in your dreams?
Your arms around my waist.
Your gaze intertwined mine, a gleam.

So close, I could hear your silence.
So close, I remained silent.
Your breath near my cheek.
I begged to God in your chest to sleep.
A kiss.
At that moment,
all I wanted.
Can you remember that time
(in your dream)
I stole every corner of your mind;
killed you with caresses and kisses,
what a beautiful crime!
So close, my heart melted.
So close, your heart fused.
Shyness, passionate daydream.
Denying it, an awful sin.
To be in the place
only in dreams
I’ve been… your arms.
Can you remember how we smiled?
A whisper, our souls bristled; desire.
In your dreams, peaceful and wild.
Kiss me. I want to wake there; entire.

“Y dígame usted,
¿qué puede saber del amor
si jamás ha tocado mis labios?
Dígame usted,
que piensa que ha vivido
sus mejores amaneceres
sin tan siquiera despertar
con la alegría de mi sonrisa.
Allá, lejos,
donde la brisa
pasa desapercibida
contemplando el delirio
de tu mirada,
de tu dulce risa.
Dígame usted,
¿cuándo será valiente?
¿cuándo vendrá? —
a derretirse
en mi esencia.
Deleitándose con la pureza
de mi alma —
la picardía
durante noche y día.
Dígame usted,
¿cuánta falta le hago?
¿cuánto me ha soñado?
Y así,
como por magia,
como una obra maestra,
así, encontrémosno,
deteniendo el tiempo.
Dígame usted
si está preparado
para ser preso
de mis misterios.”

\”And tell me,
what can you know about love
if you have never touched my lips?
Tell me,
you think you’ve lived
your best sunrises
without even waking up
with the joy of my smile. 
Over there, far, 
where the breeze
goes unnoticed
contemplating the delirium
from your gaze,
from your sweet laugh. 
Tell me,
when will you be brave?
when will you come?  —
to melt
in my essence. 
Delighting in purity
of my soul —
during night and day. 
Tell me,
how much do you need me?
how much have you dreamed me?
And so,
as by magic,
like a masterpiece,
let\’s meet,
stopping time. 
You tell me
if you\’re ready
to be a prisoner
of my mysteries.”
*English Translation

“Y te soñé. ⠀
Con el anhelo ⠀
de que algún día tomes mi mano. ⠀
Con la sonrisa⠀
de que me abraces por la cintura. ⠀
Te soñé ⠀
con la misma mirada 
que me diste;⠀
esa bonita, tierna⠀
como nadie antes 
lo había hecho. ⠀
Te soñé ⠀
suspirando ⠀
por estar a mi lado,⠀
por regalarme las caricias ⠀
que solo en nuestra mente ⠀
han vivido. ⠀
Te soñé ⠀
queriendo respirar el océano ⠀
queriendo admirar el atardecer. ⠀
Te soñé ⠀
perteneciendo a la naturaleza,⠀
compartiendo tus vivencias⠀
allí -⠀
donde solo el susurro de tu voz⠀
interrumpía la dulce melodía ⠀
de los pájaros. ⠀
Solo un sueño. ⠀
Solo treinta segundos. ⠀
Ojalá el destino⠀
fuese distinto.”⠀

And I dreamed you. ⠀
With the desire ⠀
that one day you will hold my hand. ⠀
With the smile ⠀
that you hug me around the waist. ⠀
I dreamed you ⠀
with the same gaze ⠀
you gave me; ⠀
that pretty, tender ⠀
like no one ever 
did before.
I dreamed you ⠀
sighing ⠀
for being by my side, ⠀
for giving me the caresses ⠀
that only in our mind ⠀
have lived. ⠀
I dreamed you ⠀
wanting to breathe the ocean ⠀
with me, ⠀
wanting to admire the sunset. ⠀
I dreamed you ⠀
free, ⠀
belonging to nature, ⠀
sharing your experiences ⠀
there -⠀
where only the whisper of your voice ⠀
interrupted the sweet melody ⠀
of the birds. ⠀
Just a dream. ⠀
Just thirty seconds. ⠀
I hope destiny ⠀
was different. ”⠀
*English Translation

Liz Lugo is a Puerto Rican self-published poet with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Microbiology. She’s a screenwriter, editor, and short stories writer, and founder of the Smaeralit collection.  Currently, she’s about to receive her MFA in Professional Screenwriting.  Liz is multilingual in English, Spanish, Italian, and is learning ASL.

 Liz recently wrote and directed her horror/slasher short film, Run. Hide. Pray. — a proof of concept for one of her feature screenplays. She has an extreme fascination for comics/graphic novels/manga as well as to write Horror, Sci-Fi, Psychological Thriller, and Post-apocalyptic stories. Doesn’t matter the genre she works with, her projects are mostly identified by diversity, including Hispanics and Deaf characters, and situations that highlight at least one of the following causes she’s committed to: verbal abuse, sexual abuse, rape, human rights, mental health, all forms of equality, among others.  She also enjoys comedy, documentaries, westerns, foreign films.

Liz believes she was a Chef in another life! She\’s obsessed with dogs, sunsets, dusks, and the moon, and enjoys new adventures, music, dance, exercise, and laughs!

\”Dream the impossible and you\’ll get the unexpected.\” – Liz Lugo

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