Why every single human on this earth needs to read Davide De Angelis \’ Creative Power System!

Back on November 24, 2020 Davide De Angelis made an extremely generous offer to the world, that I took him up on.  Davide posted on Facebook that his Creative Power System Book would currently cost nothing – 107 pages of pure wisdom complementary provided.  I was in complete awe, shock, and annoyance, the annoyance factor as I was only able to read it once in between my studies to acquire the flavour.  Now, that I am on my winter holiday break, you can bet your ass that I went back to read Creative Power System again, this time with a black pen in my right hand to ensure accurate note taking.  As Davide states, this beautiful creature of pages must be read in all one sitting – I completely understand why one minute I was on page 10 and before I had noticed I was on 83.  It is almost as though the information in this incredible book lulled me into almost a trance to be able to accept all of the content that was placed before me.  The emotions are completely overwhelming I cried, laughed, and realised so many aha moments that never really fit together in my life until now.  For me, Creative Power System is a MASSIVE sized puzzle piece with regards to my journey.  I have so many thoughts that I want to share, bear with me – this review may read like a roller coaster, but I am sure it is one that you will benefit from. 

I don’t know how familiar many of you are with the story; The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde? This is a tale of resilience and being in a position to be of assistance to others when in a place of power or privilege, to be able to see with open optics the requirement of what is necessary for individual members of society to succeed.  The Happy Prince, stood tall and proud in the centre square without judgement; saw exactly what his subjects required and even down to his sapphire eyes, red ruby from his sword-hilt, and gold leaf that covered the statue — rendered to a pile of ash with a heart that would never melt.  There is a testament to honouring the pain from our travels regardless of what they may be as that is the key to not only enlightenment but also joy.  From the manner in which Creative Power System was written, it is obvious the ache that followed the illumination and awareness presented throughout. 

The Creative Power System has been designed for any creative regardless of medium, it actualises art in addition to the acknowledgement of failure as I stated above.  This book postulates that we require a radical shift in humanity; to acknowledge the desensitised adult with the perspective of a child and never forget as those experiences bring with them extreme value into adulthood.  I’ve always been OBSESSED with impossible possibilities and the sense of hope that it reveals. Contemplate this for a moment if you will please, the concept of a seed that Davide highlights in this book makes such perfect sense, I have no idea why I’d not genuinely marinated on it sooner.  When a seed is planted into the earth it has to destroy its perfect case in order to sprout, illustrating that within there is an internal savage annihilation that is required to take place for growth to begin in the early stages of cultivation. Think about that for a minute, with great pain comes a tremendous reward with an open-heart willing to accept the resilience and adversity of life and allow to bloom regardless of the planted terrain.  As stated in Creative Power System we must serve life to create for the purpose of enrichment, through the ache all things house the potential to prosper.  This system is not necessarily to be understood but used as a tool to ensure comprehension throughout the journey. 

Our realities stand within two bubbles the ordinary and extraordinary, our life force energy is patiently waiting to be both actualised and utilised.  We must abandon ways of forcing things to happen, we as a society have an incredibly bad habit of pushing a square peg in a round hole in life’s twisted avenues.  The “unknown” is a quality, one I am learning to embrace, which at times is difficult as I always have an innate need to know everything – especially the component of why. The power system that Davide offers is in the realm of dreams. 

As I read, I wonder what it must have taken for Davide to genuinely reach this level of awareness.  I am certain every single emotion under Soleil must have been experienced in order to scribe something so truly impactful.  I found the section on thoughts exceptionally helpful – our thoughts do not carry the power, there are consequences for not acting on thoughts.  True power is not owned, as it does not belong to us – it is a tool — it is a creative living system.  The measurement is not about quality of life but the impact and presence of life, we could live lifetimes in a closed system and not know any better.  Thoughts are repetitive and full of weird impositions. We do not experience time, time experiences us.  I can not even begin to appreciate the previous sentence we are insignificant pieces of stardust who house the energy and capacity for change.  The use of that energy must be done freely with an open essence, once our life source is plastered all over this planet with the mindset to be an aid not only to our own self preservation and care but, also to the infinite humans that construct the human race. 

I think I will leave you with this last thought; it is suggested in Creative Power System that we stop carrying our rocks and instead approach the mindset to carve them out. Each and every single one of  you reading this —  carries them right now, regardless of the size; take that chisel and carve your own micro statues of how you would rather live your life instead of a weight of emotional debt that many never resolve.  I would strongly suggest anyone reading this absorb Davide’s Creative Power System not only will it solidify the strength of core but also set a precedent and the awareness of living your best life possible. 

*Image credits: Davide De Angelis 

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