Not quite 3:00 am however, sanctuary nonetheless!


Artist Credit: Teja Krašek

‘Tis early Christmas morn
     seated at Cronos surrounded 
         with freshly fallen snow 
   in the pitch of a not so lonely 
          oubliette — ensconced in a faux
      fur skinned walrus quarter length robe 
 in the fashion of a Santa lined hoodie  

   journeys afford me a plethora 
of illumination I’d never thought 
      possible.  The contemplation of why 
          I survived too much always 
              landed in my cortex 

    the ability to properly comprehend 
        why I was put on this earth 
              that resisted my being — coated 
                  in extreme nonacceptance 

       a raw bull in a china shop
           that actively sought change 
                 as humans we regenerate 
                       and all cells are replaced 
                             every seven years or so 
                      my next annihilation 
                 will occur at 49 my 7th one in fact 

   each pirouette brings with it a cycle
        of not only adversity but also a sense
              of heavy fortification through 
                     all the shifts into the stereospace 
              of a world that constantly muses 
                  simultaneous devastation 
                            and prosperity 

  there will be a myriad of essences 
       who have travelled from the days of old 
              to guard against any annihilation 
                    the wisdom of the ancestors 
                            something everyone should be open 
                                   to – the energy of all those
                                       who reside in my body 

                   who watch as I fall and land 
                       an erect effigy 
                 composed of human bone 
                        and flesh with the wisdom
                              of the ages 

                                 a secret I will keep 
                                      heavily guarded 
                                              at present       

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