Each of my Quill Fated Scribes was handpicked by me, I wanted to have writers who housed different personalities in addition to writing styles. I completely hit the jackpot, not only are they all talented in their own right but; also truly incredible human beings. I say this, as today is the birthday of one of my scribes, Sonja Mabel McClure. Sonja has the ability through her writing to break poems down into the simplest and profound forms of appreciation. Never a single word wasted, I genuinely appreciate that quality to her work. To honour Sonja\’s birthday, I\’ve shared below some of her original work!

Happy Birthday Sonja! We all love you! ❤

Rania x

Night Hiking

Snow covered mountain

silvery powder underfoot,
ascending Mt Rainer
the grand Skyline Trail 


several scattered footprints 

dot the glittery hillside, 

the craters and dips
resemble strange terrain

and surface of the moon

giant parkas, padded snow pants,
and heavy winter boots,

gives the feel of a space suit
enhancing the fantastical mood

miles of walking and winding, 

slipping around steep corners,

breathless yet invigorated

we reach the crest of Panorama Point 

fixated on nature’s Wonderland, 

Paradise Inn only a distant silhouette,

cold hands grasp heated thermos

sweet-scented cocoa and steam 

escape into the misty glacial air,

golden flickers resonate 

the crystal coated valley below

Fire Dancers

Wings of flames arise 

enhancing figures 

seductive silhouettes

dancing to drum beats

mini torches 

undulate on wingtips 

fans glide across faces 

a shadow’s disguise 

twirling poi balls

continuous circle 

heat and sparks

candles in palms

enchanted performers

consume and 

manipulate fire

radiant as moonlight

speckles dispersed

in murky darkness.


Alive at night,

  lined with speakers

  my walls pulsate

musical vibrations.


Pairs of feet

  create synergy,

  wordless expressions  

alleviate aggression.

Colorful spotlights

  changing hue,

  red, silver, and blue

shadowed ambiance.

Heated and breathless

  accelerating heart,

  a spontaneous

surge of serotonin.

In the morning,

  mind and limb

  empty of energy;

I am just a room.

Sonja Mabel McClure holds a B.A. in Communication with a focus on news/editorial as well as a minor in English from the University of Utah. She is the author of the full-length poetry collection Shift//Motion that encompasses different themes of movement, travel, and nature. Her writings and poetry have appeared or are forthcoming in Pyre Publishing, Paper and Ink, Touchstones, Catalyst, and elsewhere. She is of Finnish descent and is a member of the Finlandia Foundation. Sonja loves attending poetry readings and was delighted to take part in the Utah Humanities Book Festival last fall. She’s a nature enthusiast, a dog lover, a coffee connoisseur and she possesses a strong sense of wanderlust.

Outside of her love of poetry and literature, Sonja has always had a passion for dancing and music. She started ballet at the age of 6. Over the years, she studied many dance techniques including modern and jazz. She was part of the performing group, Dance Ensemble. Also, she pursued piano and voice lessons. Later, she discovered belly dance, mesmerized by using different props including, fans, veil, basket, finger cymbals and double swords. Sonja enjoys learning various belly dance styles such as: Egyptian and Turkish but she is most fond of Tribal Fusion and ATS, both of which originated in the United States. Connect with Sonja on IG: @sonjasolstice.

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