suicide and the holidays!

Artist Credit: Davide De Angelis

suicide and the holidays! 
                  By Rania M M Watts 

slash and burn destruction 

    occurs more times than not
        throughout celebratory seasons

    please please do not attempt suicide 
life naturally is so immensely difficult 
   it is ok to struggle before the presence
       of an elegant effigy takes over 
           an essence so worthy of adoration

    resilience houses the capacity 
      to flourish in all of us 
         however, only if we are open 

    the universe will always ensconce 
        the core of who we are if we permit
            historically, a plethora of heroes 
                rose through the ashes 
                     to answer the call
                          for aid 

      human beings are indeed 
         within themselves chimeras 
            of valour, the potential 
                for a positive life
                    exists for all
         dour \”depths of despair\”
      a crucial aspect of life, how else
  would the knowledge be present 
     to be afforded the wherewithal
         to contend with a life 
             that is riddled 
                more beauty 
                    than decrepit 

*I would like to add a little postscript, over the holidays I will be reviewing some of the offerings on Davide\’s site.  I am genuinely looking forward to immersing myself in Davide\’s work as it is so genuinely honest, and beneficial to the spirit.  My first review of Davide\’s Creative Power System should be up sometime in the next week or so… with plenty more surprises, if you would like to follow my journey all the masterclasses and literature are all available here! See you on the flip side! 

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