grace & gratitude

will never

a complexion
of residual
purity will always
any bile
finger candy, photo credit candy warehouse 
that finds
its way 
to the surface

do you ever
imagine yourself
as a brilliant

— orchestrating
each fluid instrument
to blend seamlessly
as they fold into each
other to create
an enchanted

in the absence
of a baton — an index
can hold a free form
stringed quartet
which crescendos

with each
delicate gesture
the instruments surrender
to their masters
hmm, come to think
of it the masters are slaves
to their instruments
they are required to bend
to their will

while the music 
begins to take
itself  to a slower
tempo — a fist-bump
explosion minus
the fist-bump escapes
the conductor\’s
left hand

as the middle finger
and thumb of the right
hand delicately linger
prior to the formation
of the perfect linear
shaped tear drop

revealed the verity
behind a very blended
and eclectic

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