Cornucopia Of Artisanal Fondant; Edible Micro Sculptures

anyone has the capacity 

    to beat eggs, measure ingredients
      which include: sugar, butter, baking soda
          or powder, vanilla extract, milk,
             and of course boring old flower
        oops not that type of flower 
                unless of course 
                       as edible decorations
            there is always the propensity 
                 to imagine bakers as calm 
                    and serene, while the mixer 
                        blends the ingredients

        what i relish 
           the prospect 
              of decoration

    with that comes 
        an intense amount
           of critical thoughts
               which include 
           what colour 
       am i going to dye  
    this virgin block 
        of sugar now becomes 
           something more 

    which includes: 

                  Hello Kitty 
          Thoma the Tank Engine
            Pokemon characters 
                     BBQ skewers 

          however, if you seek
              festive edibles 
                feast your optics 
               on Holiday themed 
                    fairy cakes 

                        gingerbread house
                 minus the ginger 

      when you devour
          a delectable hand crafted 
              item, please offer 
                  a bit of appreciation
                      to the one
             who took the time 
        to metamorphose a block 
           of sugar into micro art 
                 relish with glee
                      even if it\’s your
                            last of the bunch 
              flavours are vast
                  anything and everything 
                       from the quirky 
                            to serious themes
               the enormity of emotion
                  squeezed into a bit size 

* Please note, these fairy cakes were crafted by @brits_bakery on Instagram, I thought that they were so pretty that a poem was required! 

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