I wrote this piece not only honour my classmates but, also all of the essential services workers who continue to bleed as they care for others.  Also, to those Musicians & Artists who have nourished our souls with access to their body of work during EXTREMELY trying times.  If it weren\’t for all of these beautiful humans COVID would have been more tortuous, I know that sounds like a oxymoron however our weary souls would have been worse for the wear; if we simply sat in the void of our boxes and did not bother with humanity. I am overflowing with gratitude.   
Wishing you all peace and love during a holiday season, that hopefully brings with it the end of our globes current pain. 
Kindly note, the beautiful Art by Teja Krašek. 

Much Love, 

Rania M M Watts, Founder, CCIQ Press ❤


Do you ever wonder 
    what would constitute 
        life in the absence 
           of any ism which insults 
        or seeks to intimidate
     it would appear in the visage
   of each human being 

     there would be ultimate peace
  as everyone would want to simply 
    do what is best for a planet
       that aches with each cycle 

       Luna maintains the silence
          with stars in position to light
             the pitch with the illumination 
                 of the presence of reversed 
                     shadows — where only vibrant
                  Soleil is able to maintain 
              figures which cascade 
          in the dark — an

i   ⇈

                          o    ⮇
                t         i          t        d    
                     w       s        e            🔀

                 o       🜃     d          

               is where I reside, the vacancy 
                    of spirit requires a humble
                        replenished cup 

     in the form of self care and compassion
   as the phrase \”it\’s better to burn out 
      than to fade away” coined by Young
         and borrowed by Cobain 

  my brain automatically defaults
    to seek a balance between 
        the two — being able to serve 
            is not for the lighthearted 

      it requires spunk, grit, raw talent
   which can be harvested to stitch
      all the components of reality 
         together — with the presence 
              of ornate squares forged  
                  to both unify and establish  
                      humanity\’s quilt   


Art Credit: Teja Krašek

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