an intermittent weight 
    confines free spirits 
       desire to float into the strata 
   and dance away from the shackles 
       of the great mother earth 

    not in a fashion conducive 
 to death — simply release the spirit 
   from a body that no longer 
      houses the resilience 
 i am sorry, but i am not a coward
    all of experiences come down 
      to this very moment 

 forget the pitchfork path
   i am in an oubliette 
     housed in the shadows 
         of a labyrinth 

    i choose to not skulk in corners 
       yes, i may be loud and vocal 
           however, i genuinely 
       find the more prosperous 
 than the remains which 
    relish the concept of being 
        stagnant — no way! 

    not my spirit
       i was put on this earth
          a conqueror who will 
              NEVER relinquish the pain 

 our world affords a myriad 
     strategies to ensure 
         the life we want 
             is possible 

    sympathy should be
       induced to those 
          who reside
              in the nothingness  

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