36 Husbands NOW AVAILABLE in Canada!

Anyone who follows CCIQ Press is completely aware that I have an affinity for quirky and whimsical content that is steeped in fun! I first heard of Bright Blue Gorilla when my friend Tony shared on social media, that he acted in Bright Blue Gorilla\’s original content film Mr. Rudolpho\’s Jubilee, which I\’ve yet to see. However, plans have been etched in stone, Danny and I plan on watching: 36 Husbands, Mr. Rudolpho\’s Jubilee, and Go With Le Flo over the next few weeks; I am so very thrilled. And, you know what that means? A review quickly forthcoming after the movies have been viewed. In the meantime check out all of the Bright Blue Gorilla films available. I guarantee you will find them simultaneously tasteful, and theatrically executed. Yes, that is what I gathered from both the trailer and the making of clips. OMG! I want to dive into the pastry cabinet — beyond jealous. And, the sound tracks are genuinely out of this world! Oh right, almost forgot — the reason for this post, CONGRATULATIONS Bright Blue Gorilla and your release of 36 Husbands now available in Canada check it out here!

Disco Making of: 36 Husbands

Paris Making of: 36 Husbands

Trailer: 36 Husbands

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