"Coffee with myself!"

Original Art By Teja Krašek

In my humble opinion
   why is the most important w 
        to constantly speculate 
            as the answers are always
                not so concrete 

        the affordability in relation 
    to the prospect of dreams 
 is one which ravages with high tide

   makes its presence known 
      to conceal all the secrets 
         of the great mother 

     as a human being 
 it\’s quite natural to self-loathe 
     to feel the disparaged phrases 
         and to absorb them on a profound
             level — on the other end 
                of the spectrum 
           there is an equal opportunity 
             for self-love and sustainability  

    every single metallic shard 
 which forces its presence in the optic
   of a zephyr that desires to form 
      the presence of a oiseau

          one so majestic 
             the fiery phoenix 
                 is put to shame

   the verity of pure observance 
     offers outcomes — so integral 
        to our society 

        chronic isolation
     has proved detrimental 
         to the human psyche 

               moments of silence 
           the tightness in the chest 
                which authentically desires 

     mindset of transference 
         permits the truth to penetrate 
            every single layer of skin 
                 in a manner which allows 

    it is said that animals grow
       in relation to their environment 
            humans are no different 
                 innovative introspection 
                     is key    

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