“colours evaporate like water”

how desensitized
can a society become?!

— in my day
lol, am i really of the age
to genuinely say
“in my day” and not make
me sound like an old
spinster schoolmarm?

well, i believe
the answer — i am looking
for is yes — so where
was i? oh yes i recall
now, it was unheard
of to hear someone swear
or even see an exposed
breast on prime time tv
let alone a completely
nude full figured body

social media
has given us exceptional
tools — to be able to reach
the hand of time across
continents in a moment
of seconds

at what point
does shock value
become too much?

i guess for some it never
is and you know what —
there\’s the wonderful
thing about life everyone
has a right to express
themselves in a manner
they see fit — as long
no one is being
mentally, emotionally
or physically

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