"Oh, for the wonder that bubbles into my soul."


soap + water + breath = BUBBLES 
even the word induces whimsy 
to contemplate simply ingredients 
and the infinite possibility of weightless
as the strata is explored 

clarity surrounds colour in a fashion 
poised for only the brave global explorers
i imagine myself, slowly oozing into a cave
constructed entirely of bubbles 

each universe houses its own perception 
why would it be any different with this substance
there are equal peaks and valleys as on terra firma
however, the ethereal core enhances optics
that wish to reside in such a dwelling
perhaps one day the inception will exist 
a land structured entirely with massive suds
truly enough to turn cinderella\’s imaginarium 

into something a tad bit more mystical
where the night sky cast upon organic balloons
 eventually surrenders to the mist 
with each delicious pop

Title Quote: D. H. Lawrence
Image Credit: Dreamy, Sam Sam Bubbleman 

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