Maud\’s Oubliette

The Fairy God Mother of Art
bestowed upon me a tremendous
gift, to be able to listen to the

essence of other beings embedded
within a miraculous universe
exhausted from my travels through

frigid worlds, now found perched
elevated upon a highway light located
on the 401 going North passing the

town of Pickering, Ontario. A plethora
of individuals driving by in their
automobiles, due to my auditory award

I am able to hear all of the conversations
from these humans as they travel to and
from their destinations. One, of which

resonated with me personally. As a
fairy we are always advised to NEVER
break certain barriers – beings of any

race are not permitted to know of our
existence otherwise our population may
be completely rendered extinct. There

is one struggling soul whose car I flew
down to, in order to obtain some more
informative details. Maud, a struggling

single mother of 5 children was attempting
to get home in order in order to take her
children to their school performance of

Swan Lake. There is something to be said
about mothers who simply want the best
for their children. Without Maud’s

knowledge I secretly started to guide cars
away from her to ensure she has swift and
safe passage home. I know, I should not

make contact as I would be breaking
a plethora of fairy rules. Nevertheless
something resonated with me about

this family. Thank goodness for this
cape guarding my wings from frostbite.
Final destination in sight, Frankella an

evil fairy was near by and was not
ready to allow my peaceful moment…

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