The Validity Of Human Rights For Women & Girls!

Human Rights consistently throughout my life, has been something that I am able to discuss ad nauseam. I\’ve always amplified the school of thought that perpetuates a pro-human rights attitude for women and girls. Which is why when Film Maker & Holistic Specialist Gulrukh Khan sent me a message to a direct link of the Human Rights Panel – Moving from Outrage to Courage: Women and Girls Reclaiming Their Rights that she happened to be moderating for the World  Summit on Women & Children I pounced at the idea to get involved and watch. Gulrukh\’s specific section started with a powerful presentation regarding Surviving the Rwandan Genocide by Marie-Christine Nibagwire, Founder of SaferefugeRwanda.  Following was an immensely compelling monologue about the beauty and struggles behind life, more specifically the impact on women and girls by Her Imperial Majesty, Queen Sheba III, Head of State of the African Kingdoms Federation.  The manner in which Her Imperial Majesty, Queen Sheba III spoke with a compelling and immensely steady voice genuinely rose goosebumps on my arm. Gentle kind eyes which sparkled as powerful verbiage exited a very aware and thoughtful human. 

Gulrukh\’s panel consisted of a discussion between: Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh, Senior Associate & Regional Director NDI West and Central Africa, Cameroon; Ifrah Ahmed, Founder, Ifrah Foundation, Somali/Ireland; Kaye Riguer, Global Ambassador, SHE-IS Foundation, Philippines; Jason Renville, Leadership and Certifying Agent, USA; Manoswimi Sarka, University Student, Switzerland; and Princess Pamela Ogwunusi, Journalist, Ireland. 

To listen to these human advocates speak on the basis of human rights for women and girls left me with a sense of joy, hope, and determination.  The content was riddled with a reality that desires to pursue sincerity within advocacy. I was quite appreciative to be able to witness this discussion, especially watching Gulrukh as she ensured that everyone on her panel housed an equal voice and opportunity to speak. Furthermore, the levels of her questions were in a category all their own, difficult queries that required answers not only to be sustainable towards women but, also the narration to recruit more men for this incredibly important social issue. One aspect of writing involves being a slight fly on the wall to simply be a silent observer, as others speak of issues that happen to house a tremendous weight in our society. I was grateful to be that fly last Thursday, October 15 in between classes and mid-term papers, it set my soul in a state of more demands for equality and voices that whisper the innate desire to not only be part of the solution but raise those auditory levels higher. 

Below, I\’ve included the clip of Gulrukh\’s panel, I would genuinely recommend anyone with an intense desire to comprehend the validity of human rights to watch and appreciate the great minds who have come forward to identify, that there are still human rights issues where women and girls are concerned. Our world with regards to this very pertinent subject has evolved tremendously however women are still not completely seen as equals. In 2020, women are still attempting to reclaim their rights through society\’s optics.  In order for prosperity to flourish with regards to this subject, there needs to be a solid foundation of understanding and acceptance. I still can not believe in our contemporary world that we are still fighting for fundamental human rights. 

I would recommend that viewers watch the entire conference as the lens expressed throughout the summit is one of extreme validity.  However, if you simply want to watch Gulrukh\’s section press play on the video and start at 1:30:57.  I have an intense idiosyncratic tendency to always mention events like this after the fact — as I feel that we as a society should be mindful of these human female based issues not only on the days when there are summits and discussions.  Random days of coffee talk over zoom or via direct messages also house the proclivity to ensure these types of conversations light a bright hot ember riddled flame in the cores of human beings, who use endurance and resilience as their stepping stones to furnish our globe with endless information. 

World Summitt on Women & Girls 

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